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Linnea Bond


Stats: 5’8”


Location: Philadelphia, PA
Willing to travel

Theatre (selected)

On Golden Pond (upcoming)          Chelsea                        Jonathan Silver                  Endstation Theatre Company

A Room at the Flamingo Hotel (upcoming) Vivian/Cassandra   Maura Kraus           Azuka Theatre

The Sea Voyage^                               Crocale                         Dan Hodge                        The Philadelphia Artists’ Collective

N.C. Wyeth’s Dream*                       Andrew Wyeth             Mike Durkin                       Renegade Theatre Company

A Doll’s House, Part 2                      Nora (u/s)                      Tracy Brigden                    Arden Theatre Co.

Four People*                                    Olga                                Karie Miller                        The Ohio State Univ.

Romeo and Juliet^              Prince/Friar Laurence/Peter   Allison Bomber                 The Ohio State Univ.

Hearts Like Fists                              Sally                                Tamora Winters                The Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)  Mother       Ben Raanan                        Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Around the World in 80 Days**      Ensemble                    D. Lynn Meyers                  Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

Tribes                                                 Silvia (u/s)                      Michael Evan Haney         Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

*Devised  **Musical  ^Classic Text

Additional Projects

  • Assistant Producer - Brian's House Lupin Performance Cooperative

  • Teaching Artist

  • Founder and Actor - Queen City Queer Theatre Collective


Dark Waters                                       Claire (Supporting)             Todd Haynes                       Participant Media

Carol                                                   Hostess (Supporting)         Todd Haynes                        Salt Film Productions

Training & Skills

MFA Acting and Devising                                                                                             The Ohio State University

Acting Apprentice                                                                                                         Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

B.A. Sociology, cum laude                                                                                            Washington and Lee University

Other Training: Pig Iron Summer Training (Neutral Mask, Commedia, Clown); Royal Shakespeare Company (Stand Up for Shakespeare/Rehearsal techniques); SITI (Suzuki, Viewpoints, Speaking and Moving); American Conservatory Theatre (Acting, Shakespeare, Viewpoints, Fitzmaurice, et al); Double Edge (Physical Theatre Devising); Abbey Theatre (Acting); Frantic Assembly (Physical Theatre Devising); Richard Crawford (Neutral Mask); Marc Weinblatt (Theatre of the Oppressed)


Teaching: Theatre of the Oppressed for high school, collegiate, and post-collegiate groups, Physical Devising for

collegiate; Shakespeare for military veterans; Theatre for elementary students (with PhillyASAP); Improv for Architecture students; Interlochen Summer Camp (Assistant, Acting for the Camera; faculty: Kat Coiro); Arden Summer Camp (Middle School; comedy, improv and clown); Wolf PAC (High; acting)

College full semester courses: Craft of Acting, Stanislavsky, Voice and Movement, and Intro to Theatre

Directing and Coaching: Love Song, PennPlayers at UPenn; Dogged Song, Staged reading, Available Light Theatre; Beyond All Recognition (collaborative direction); Direction of Various Scenes, Vocal Coach (Forbidden Zones)

Producing: Queen City Queer Theatre Collective play reading series (Creator, Founder and Actor)

Writing: Heard, 2015 Cincinnati Fringe Festival; BFF, 2018 Ohio State Univ.

Collaboration: N.C. Wyeth’s Dream, Renegade Company; Beyond All Recognition and Forbidden Zones: The Great War, The Ohio State Univ.


Dialects: Estuary English, RP, Cockney, German, American Southern, Irish, others with notice

Languages: Spanish, some Kiswahili

Skills: Technical theatre experience (ASM, costume, set, lights op, sound op), Filming and editing experience (AVID), Reads vocal music, Can face-balance a broom

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