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Pride and Prejudice

Presented by Moorestown Friends School

December 2021

Written by Jon Jory

It's a classic story. But in a pandemic with a condemned stage, some creativity turned lemons into lemonade. Shot on location in a home built only two years after the play takes place, this film was our answer to how love can triumph against all odds. 

Students worked as film crew, created music, and of course, performed in this 19th century romance.


Field Calls

Presented by Lupine Performance Cooperative in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, September 2020

Written by Tenara Calem

Alex and Rhodes haven’t spoken in over a year. In that year, the dragons have been defeated, the gnomes have begun their mourning period, the giants and pixies are setting up camps, and the humans are scrambling to figure out how these visitors arrived. Go on a walk through Powelton Village – Alex and Rhodes’ old stomping ground – and listen to the two former friends’ voicemails as they lead you through a twisting, fantastical alternate future of Philadelphia.



Love Song

Presented by Penn Players at the University of Pennsylvania, April 2019

Written by John Kolvenbach

Beane, a quiet odd-ball suffocating in the lonely recesses of his  sad apartment, steadily withdrawing from life, much to the consternation of his workaholic sister, Joan. But when Beane's all-but-vacant apartment is burglarized by a feisty young woman named Molly, not even Joan can deny the effect of the love that explodes between Beane and Molly - a love that brings Beane to life and reverberates through the lives of his family.

The Boy Who Mailed Himself

To America

Presented by Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance, May 2020

Written by Sohrab Haghverdi and Linnea Bond

In Iran, a boy dreams of becoming a famous actor, and not even cancer will stand in his way. A digital clown short based on the true story of one man's journey from Iran to the United States.


Sweeps, or The Violence Play

Presented by PlayPenn's The Foundry, August 2019

Written by Tenara Calem

Naomi is Bad Ass. But she is on the lam and she's pissed off. Yousef is hiding in the trees, but he's scared and a ghost and he doesn't know what's going on. Both are running from the war that has ravaged their communities, both are stuck in this moment indefinitely. As their capacity for understanding the other grows, so does the war around them, reducing their paths ahead to the most fundamental human impulse for violence.

Dogged Song

Presented by Available Light Theatre's Next Stage Initiative, February 2018

Written by Cody Troyen

We’ve already waited for Godot, now we’ve got to answer to Bossman. In this bizarro dark comedy, Rank and Foul are a pair of dog executioners with an ambitious dream—to become human executioners.

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